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Podiatry -  £ 40

This treatment includes routine nail care, hard skin and corn removal.  Fungal nail conditions and foot health advice will be given.

Ingrown Toenail -  £ 40 - 70

Painful ingrown toenails will be treated by removing nail spurs.  Anaesthetic may be used to ensure comfort throughout.

Biomechanical Assessment - £ 70

The Assessment of feet and lower limbs to understand the cause of foot pain.  This will involve joint and muscle testing to assess there functionality. Gait assessment will also be carried out to ensure we can apply the best possible management plan.


Diabetic Foot Assessment  £60

The Diabetic Foot Assessment will include a detailed Vascular assessment in which we check blood pressure, pulses, skin colour and temperature. We then asses the foot for any structural changes, cuts, wounds and skin condition. Then finally carry out an in-depth sensation test of the foot. After this we will carry out a routine podiatry treatment if required

Nail Surgery Package - from £ 299

Recurrent ingrown toenails may require partial or total nail removal to resolve. This procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic and the application of a chemical will prevent nail regrowth.  Includes follow up appointment and dressing.

Nail Cut -  £ 28

Simple nail cut

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Verruca - from £ 40 - 70

We have a wide range of verruca treatment available.  Including cryotherapy and verruca needling.

Home Visit -  £ 48

Our home visit service is available for ONLY those who are housebound.

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